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Website Development

At Illini Tech Services we understand that websites have to do more than just look attractive. The goal at Illini Tech Services is to create and design websites that Create Value for your company and your website visitors. We know that each business is unique and customers have many different goals for their website. We believe that our expertise and experience in designing and developing websites, along with our services and awareness of marketing and general business strategy, will enable us to help you reach those goals with your website design and development.

Our commitment is to provide a competitive quote and quality work.

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Custom Website Design and Development Services

Illini Tech Services Steps to a Successful Website Design and Development

Having a successful website is more than just generating code and waiting for web traffic. Successful sites follow a planned out process like any other marketing tool. At Illini Tech Services we have figured out this process and have made it work. Now we can use this process to help our customers make it work for them as well. To find out some of the basic steps in making your website work for you read below.

 First, set your goals. Decide on your target audience and goals. What type of visitor/customer are you trying to reach and with what message? What do you want them to actually do? (Learn about your company, buy your product online, request a catalog, call you, visit your store, use your online services, etc?)

We suggest you make a list of your target audience, goals, and main message. Use this to guide you as you choose content and measure against results. "See Monthly Reporting for more info on measuring success."

Next, plan the content for your website. What will you provide that is of value? What content is needed to achieve your goals? What will the site look like? Illini Tech Services can help answer these questions.

Determine the sources of your website content – Does the content exist or will it need to be written? Start planning now how often you will want to update the various content sections and who will give you the materials.

Plan the marketing of your website design and development. How will people learn about your website and be motivated to visit? A website is only successful if it attracts a qualified targeted audience.

Marketing involves two main areas. One area encompasses the activities you will do outside of the website, such as publishing your domain name on all marketing materials, a mailing, or setting up an affiliate program to advertise your company on other websites.

The Second area is the website itself, which can impact the content. You want your website designed so that it has the best chances of being picked up in the search engines. You want people to stay on your website once they find you.

Execute your plans. Now it’s time for us to design, develop, build and implement your website according to your goals and plans.  It is also time for you to start your website marketing activities.

Monitor, update, and adapt. Use the reports generated from our Monthly Reporting to analyze the website’s performance. Update your website’s contents as appropriate. Add new sections or change pages according to your marketing strategy and what you learn in the monthly reporting.

Above all, build your website into your overall business strategy. The site can be of enormous value to you if you remain committed. Providing the opportunity to buy online, supplying your visitors/customers with up-to-date information, and delivering speedy service. We, at Illini Tech Services, look forward to helping you in this all-important project.

Website Hosting Package

  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • DNS Management
  • 20 POP3 email accounts
  • Enterprise Level Site Traffic Reporting
  • 1 hr/month site updating
  • Semi-annual meetings to discuss website


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Web Solutions Testimonials

Blackburn College partnered with Illini Tech Services in 2000 and since that time our website traffic has dramatically increased.

- Director of Public Relations Blackburn College

Illini Tech Services did a very impressive job designing our web site based on a few basic concepts that we had given them. In a short time they had our site up and running and ready for business

- Shawn McFarland, President - Trailbilt Inc.

Illini Tech Services. did a great job of helping us build our brand through our web presence. They took what seemed to be a daunting challenge and walked us through the process quicker and easier than we ever thought it could be

- Roger E. Walsh President REW Corporation

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