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Exchange Mail Setup and Support

Setting up Exchange Email Setting up POP3 Email Exchange on your Mobile


Instructions for setting up Exchange

The following instructions will allow you to configure Outlook for Microsoft Exchange Email Services. In order to use Outlook in Exchange mode your email account must be unlocked for access to the Premium Exchange Services. Please contact Illini Tech Services for more information.

Step 1. Exchange Email
Exchange email requires Outlook 2010 or Outlook 2013
The first step in setting these up is to open the Control Panel and then select the Mail Icon
You should see a pop-up box labeled Mail Setup
In the Mail Setup pop-up box click the Show Profiles button

Step 2. Creating Profile
After clicking the Show Profiles button you should get a pop-up box labeled Mail
You want to select the Add button and give your profile a name. Click Ok
Enter in the required information, Name, Email and Password. Select Next
Enjoy your new exchange account

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